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Don't Touch The Spikes app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1552 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Arcade
Developer: Ketchapp
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Jul 2014
App size: 24.56 Mb

Make the little bird fly! Dont touch the spikes!

How far can you make it?

Pros and cons of Don't Touch The Spikes app for iPhone and iPad

Don't Touch The Spikes app good for

This is a good addictive game! How you turn off sound is to use Siri while in app then close Siri!
Ive loved this game for a very long time and I love multiple games from Ketchapp but in this game I very dislike when an ad pops right in the middle of my game. Also I would like to listen to music while I play that game I can not because the game cuts it off. I understand you must promote games but please not while Im playing it just makes me upset and turn off the game. So please take into consideration these problems.
There is no way to turn the volume. Sometimes I want to listen to music and play the game but its annoying b/c I cant without the sound of the game.
I love it. it is a very good game my only complaint is that I cant get rid of the sound. so like when Im listening to music and playing the game at the same time I hear both. it makes my music sound funny.
Ok. I love this app so much but I have a reason for giving it 4 stars. ADS! The ads will pop up even during the game. Please fix that. Also I think there are too many ads. On my phone, an ad will come up every time right after I "die." Besides that, this app is very fun and addicting and I think everyone should consider getting it:)
I got this game a couple days ago and I must admit I cant stop playing it, as Im already a park level 13 and have 40+ birds. I like how this game is so simple but yet so complex. I also never write reviews... A suggestion I have is (this will probably never happen, me and a friend thought of it) to make an upside-down (reverse) mode where you can collect rubies to get new birds. I feel like that would be a fun feature. One last thing: we all hate ads, but on this game I rarely get them! I dont know why there is so much complaining. ~Zippy

Some bad moments

Add appears when you play like your gonna get a new score and boom an add.
The ads pop up in the middle of gameplay so 90% of the time, you lose as a result. Totally disruptive to gameplay! I dont mind ads, but they shouldnt actually interfere with play. Before or after gameplay please!!!! So annoying!!!
When Im playing the game dont touch the spikes sometimes a add pops up while Im playing and when I try to log out of The ad I end up dying
This game is hard to enjoy because ads pop up in the middle of the game and in locations that you need to press. Good luck playing if you want it for free. You have to pay for it to get it ad free. The ads pop up every game, level, and 15 secs. Its ridiculous.
1st of all it is just like flappy bird and you can barely see cause your thumb is in the way and you need to tap it I almost had it for two moths now and my high score is 5,5 now that is just lamb
Why do the adds always pop up! Its very very annoying and ketchapp really needs to work on this! Im so mad! Secondly sometimes when I play it freezes and quits the middle if the game! Ughhhh! And sometimes when I tap it doesnt flap! >;( ! You need to seriasly fix THIS!

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